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Harmony – Celebrate Age Magazine
Read this monthly column about silver couples by Jigyasa & Pratibha. About life & food & love. About living together, about the joys & challenges of sharing a common space for decades, about the favourite foods that unite their hearts further. (SoulFood & Soulmates – July 2011 onwards)

MALLI, Chennai’s first food magazine
Cookbook authors Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain provide culinary insights on the Ayurvedic way of life… Ayurveda teaches us to live a wholesome life that will keep the doshas balanced, the body healthy and the mind strong. (The Science of Balance – Dec 2010)

Harmony Magazine 1, 2
That’s our sharpest and dearest memory of beloved Pedatha, the protagonist of our book “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”…when Srivatsa asked her, “Pedatha, if Peddanana were to see you today, what would he do?”, she answered instantly with the confidence of a 16 year-old in love, “He would marry me all over again”. (Pedatha – The Eternal Bride – May 2010)

At a Glance
This is the first of a 3-part series featuring excerpts and recipes from “Sukham Ayu” by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain. Researched by the authors at KARE, this new age cookbook offers a glimpse into Ayurveda. (Food for Life – May 2009)

The Score Magazine
85-year young Pedatha smiled and said, “Because LOVE always wins, and this book is founded on love. The bonding and happiness I have shared with my two little girls, Jigyasa and Pratibha, is the reason why the book is so special.” (Book Scope – March 2008)

Malligai Magal
25 Ayurvedic tips from Sukham Ayu translated into Tamil. (Ayurveda Unavu 25 Kurippugal – April 2009)

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