About “Sukham Ayu”

Ala Carte
“Healthy and soulful vegetarian recipes”, says Ala Carte magazine about the Ayurvedic recipes from our cookbook “Sukham Ayu”. Six recipes were featured in June 2012 issue in article titled “On a Healthy Note”.

The Hindu Metro Plus
Pratibha and Jigyasa say their presentation and book kindled an interest in Ayurveda at the Paris cookbook fair, capturing the imagination of everyone from high profile chefs to fellow writers who are currently experimenting with daliya upma in their respective countries. (Root to Health by Shonali Muthalaly – Feb 27, 2010)

Life Positive Magazine
Sukham Ayu (happy longevity) that demystifies the tenets of ayurveda in a simple easy-to-follow manner. Particularly important is the detailed information on the three doshas along with the food guide at the end, which tells you your ‘prakriti’. (A labour of love by Mukta Hegde – Sept 2009)

Literary Angels
What I really liked about the book was the fact that it was such a labour of love for two intrepid women who had a book and the strength to bring it to life, all by themselves. (Reading is good for health by Ahalya Naidu, March 12, 2010)

The Hindu Business Line
The resemblance lies not only in form but also in content — good photographs, uncluttered layout and the recipes themselves — ingredients and method set out in only a few steps, and tips and other information on the side or as footnotes.(Cooking without Doshas by Sravanthi Challapalli – May 22, 2009

Readers Inc
Sukham Ayu is one of the most accessible tools to learn about self-healing food. Filled with gorgeous photographs, fresh flavours, and practical advice, the book presents the reader with delicious recipes against a backdrop of the rhythms of nature and food as medicine. (Celebrating the Ayurvedic Way of Eating! by Ammini Ramachandran – February 9, 2011)

Eves Touch
Sukham is a word with many interpretations but primarily means contentment and happiness, and Ayu is not only longevity but life itself in all its complexities…talks about the powers of the digestive fire and the importance of maintaining a balance in eating times, beginning a meal, of water and food temperature, and choice. (Cooking the Ayurvedic way by Padmini Natrajan – March 2010)

A must-add to your bookshelf this month is ‘Sukham Ayu’ which offers invaluable Ayurvedic insights to cooking…the book features other important details – a self test to determine your body type, nuggets on the benefits of each ingredient and dish…the list is endless. (Tradition for your tummy – March 2009)

Cooking & More
It is a meticulous and heartwarming compilation of simple Indian recipes laced with Ayurvedic insights. Just when the world is waking up to the relevance of ancient systems of healing, this book brings in the much needed break from routine cooking. (July 2010

Outlook India
India sees an explosion in culinary writing: an epicure’s paradise awaits…At the other end of the calorie-counting spectrum, Sukham Ayu, Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri’s primer on healthy cooking according to Ayurvedic principles won in the Health and Nutrition category, a niche that is fast catching on. (How to eat words by Shruti Ravindran – May 10, 2010)

The Hindu
Firstly, it classifies people on their constitution – quintessentially Ayurvedic vata, pitta and kapha (called doshas) and the cuisine suitable for each category. In a sense, Sukham ayu strokes similar interest as will a book on zodiac signs. Here, for readers it would be their constitution, the slot where they can perch themselves in. (Virtues of the past by P Anima – April 20, 2010)

Lokvani e-magazine 1, 2
An introduction to Sukham Ayu along with recipes from the book – Broken wheat kheer & Soya Pulav (By Nirmala Garimella – April 29, 2009)

The Hindu, Metro Plus
Bright, friendly and practical, it is a layman’s guide to Ayurvedic food…its strength is that it also manages to convey at least the essence of eating Ayurvedically in a slick, clear, glossy format. (Back to the basics by Shonali Muthalaly, Feb 23, 2009)

The Indian Express
Sukham Ayu, an Ayurvedic cookbook comes as a whiff of fresh air for both, fast paced professionals and people who have been following unhealthy eating habits for long and wish to bring about a change in it. (The healthy life by Rohan Swamy – Feb 04, 2009)

Online Telugu magazine goes on to elaborate how Sukham Ayu is different from other cookbooks. “More than 60 recipes are categorized methodically under various heads…benefits of each recipe, their preparation are all dealt in easy to understand manner. With over 100 colour pages and excellent print quality, the book is very attractive as well as useful.”

Chennai Chimes
Indian tradition is fascinating and when some people chance upon interesting insights into it, they understand the depths and want to spread the knowledge, thus researched…leading Pratibha and Jigyasa to pursue the path, bringing out two award winning cookbooks. (Taste of Tradition by Mala Bharath – Nov 2010)

Indian Express
Kare Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat, Mulshi Lake has decided to come out with an Ayurvedic cookbook. This book will be the first of its kind as all the delicious vegetarian recipes researched at Kare over the last ten years have been compiled in this book. (Cooking it up by Indian Express – 8 May 2008)

About “Cooking with Pedatha”

Food & Bevarage News
Apart from winning the best Gourmand cook book in the world award, the book (Cooking at home with Pedatha) was chosen to decorate the Leith restaurant at the London book fair, an honour which only 10 cook books in the world received. (Indian Veggie Guidebook wins award at Food Oscars in China by Ronita Torcato – May 19, 2007)

The New Indian Express
Cooking at Home with Pedatha happens to be a cookbook. Only each treasured family photograph is replaced with photographs of traditional Andhra cuisine in myriad colours, each accompanied by corresponding recipes. (Pages on Pedatha by Sujata Chakrabarti – April 21, 2007)

Dagens Nyheter Kultur, Sweden
Google Translation:The local cookbook has become a global success…the two Indian hands, Giri and Jain, speak about Tempering, the key for Indian cooking art; frying the spices in oil. (Boklordag Reportage by Jens Linder – April 21, 2008)

Bangalore Times
It’s no mean feat to get your recipes published in a book form at the age of 86. And it’s even more impressive when the book wins several awards. (I have taste in my hands – 2007)

Sangbad Pratidin
Bengali newspaper praises the efforts of Jigyasa & Pratibha for their tribute cookbook (March 2007)

The Hindu Business Line
Pedatha’s cookbook of vegetarian Andhra recipes promises to revive a fast-receding world of unhurried and labour-intensive kitchens…If you are one of those who enjoy cooking even though it takes time, you’ll find that the final results are worth the grind. (From unhurried kitchens by Sravanthi Challapalli – Jan 27, 2006)

The New Indian Express
Age is no barrier for anything and no effort a waste (Timeless tribute – Jan 17, 2006)

The Bangalore Age
As V.V.Giri’s daughter knows…what stumps you is her remarkable memory and clarity of thought. (Jan 13, 2006)

Deccan Herald
There was more of heart than head in this unusual book launch…the evening had Akumal quote T S Eliot, “The problem with the present is that there is not enough of the past present in the present.” His reference was stark. (A date with culinary tradition by Bala Chauhan – Jan 13, 2006)

The Week
Breaking Andhra myths and aiming straight at your olfactory senses…a beautifully presented 87 page labour of love. It is an idea that many of us remind ourselves we must do, but most often dont – record and document grandma’s recipes for posterity. (Soul Curry & Spice by Litta Jacob – Jan 1, 2006)

ITC Kitchens of India
Finally a cookbook that is both authentic & simple. “Cooking with Pedatha” is not just a recital of recipes…it is a passing of tradition.

Harmony Magazine
Pedatha used to love watching her mother cook for family and illustrious cooks…Jigyasa and Pratibha detail this culinary legacy, putting down on paper some time tested recipes. Curry leaf powder & Dal with Banana Stem are featured here. (Tradition Revisited – Nov 2006)

Lokvani e-magazine 1, 2
In the epilogue to this book is a poem penned on Pedatha where cooking is defined as not merely a technique but an intuition, a flavor, a whiff. …This cookbook celebrates the pleasures of cooking with simple natural vegetarian ingredients and the joy of traditional cuisine (Review by Nirmala Garimella – Oct 2, 2006).

Cooking & More
“One of my favourite sources of Andhra recipes is the book “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”, says Tarla Dalal. Pindimiriyam (Pepper flavoured dal) & Vankaya Muddha Koora (Mashed brinjal vegetable) are featured here. (Popular Delicacies – Sep 2006)

Eves Touch
Pedatha enthused, “…and Nehru would visit our house and order the cook around as if it were his own. Those were the days”…Pedatha mixed some of these herself, and came up with delightful concoctions, feeding us with her own hands. (Grandma’s Secrets by Neeti Jayachander – Feb 2006)

The Hindu
That is precisely what’s making the book sell like hot vadams. It’s detailed, but simple, with pictures for the culinary challenged. But you do need patience. (Recipes garnished with love by Shonali Muthalaly – Jan 21, 2006)

The Asian Age
And finally, icing on the cake was the cookbook. The work has given her (Pedatha) a chance to share home recipes with the world at large. (Pedatha spreads the joy of cooking by Kavitha Srinivasa – Jan 17, 2006)

Femina Cookbook
Recipes from “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” are featured in this annual supplement by Femina in an article titled “Amazing Andhra”.

Translated: This is a dedication to all the grandmothers of the world…the book has eye catching photos…one of the authors is into Kathak & the other philosophy; and together they write good cookbooks. (May 17, 2007)

Taste and Travel
Cooking at home with Pedatha scores in its attempt to gently lead the writer with step by step guidelines through recipes. (July 2006)

India Today
A family monument to mother love…her wizardry in the kitchen has been diligently documented in words and picture. (The Indian Melting Pot – Feb 2006)

Savvy Cookbook
With near perfection, this is a well illustrated cookbook with detailed pictures of regional spices…the book is loaded with choicest vegetarian recipes with extensive space devoted to chutneys. (Feb 2006)

Translated from Tamil: This book has taken the regional food of India to a global level…truly deserving of the best vegetarian cookbook in the world award. (May 13, 2007)

Andhra Jyothi
Pedatha’s cuisine becomes world famous says the Telugu Daily Andhra Jyothi as they report the Gourmand Awards won by Cooking at home with Pedatha. (27 April, 2007)

Jinendu Weekly of Ahmedabad
Jinendu Hindi Weekly of Ahmedabad published a review of “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” praising the book and calling it a “traditional journey”. (Feb 2006)

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