In our journey with book writing & publishing, we have joyously discovered the world of blogs, particularly food blogs. These exciting forums where recipes, experiences, anecdotes and information about food are shared with passion and gusto have welcomed our books with warmth and love. Many bloggers have experimented with our books and recipes & written about them on their blogs. Here you can view some of the blog posts which we are happy to share.

About “Sukham Ayu”

Mint Rice at The Culinary Life
Blogger Stephanie says “Besides its use as an Ayurvedic handbook, Sukham Ayu is a gorgeous example of publishing art. And I mean gorgeous with a capital G. Each page is laid out in full color, with a high quality image of the dish and small, lovely flourishes that makes the book feel like the authors and designers put a lot of thought into the project. Even the charts at the beginning and end are beautiful, which makes you want to keep reading.”

Soya Pulav at Cook’s Hideout
Blogger Pavani says, “For the 3rd day of our 7-day blogging marathon, I made this quick one dish dinner from Sukham Ayu. According to the book: Soya leads among legumes in the new world as it is rich in protein content.”

Bitter Gourd Curry at Tomato Blues
Blogger Anusha talks about Sukham Ayu as she tries Bitter Gourd Curry. She says, ” If you ask me to summarise the book in a single line, I’ll tell you that the book is simply splendid. It has every aspect of the ayurveda ways of eating covered. Atleast what a lay man must know on food.”

Mixed Lentil Dal at Food and Spice
Blogger Lisa relishes the recipes from Sukham Ayu as she tries Mixed Lentil Dal. She says, “Yet another recipe adapted from “Sukham Ayu” by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain. I highly recommend this cookbook to cooks who adore Indian cooking such as I do. If you want to learn about vegetarian Ayurvedic cooking, this is the book you must have on your shelf.”

Green Pea Curry at Daily Musings
Blogger Indosungod served her family Green Pea Curry. She says, “At the end of the day what other reading material can be engaging and the end results delicious that makes everyone happy? No prizes for guessing that one. Sukham Ayu is one of those books that keeps on giving.”

Green Pea Curry at Foodandspice
Blogger Lisa continues her experiments with the recipes from Sukham Ayu with Green Pea Curry. She says, “This is surely an ideal book for home cooks and those wishing to learn more about the exquisite flavours of Indian cuisine and the healing properties that provide a proper balance for vegetarians”.

Chila (Indian Pancake) at Lisa’s Kitchen
Blogger Lisa writes, “What a treasure and an abundance of recipes for vegans too” while speaking of Sukham Ayu. She adapts the recipe of Home-Style Chila from our cookbook and shares her experience on her blog.

Green Pea Curry with Mint Rice at Savory Moments
Blogger writes after trying recipes from Sukham Ayu, “These recipes were fun to make and they were packed full of flavor. I am glad that have the opportunity to try recipes like these as I learn to cook more types of foods. I encourage you to give these a try and to check out the event and the cookbook if you are interested.”

Review at Seduce Your Tastebuds
Blogger Padmaja Sureshbabu reviews “Sukham Ayu” on her blog and says, “This is one of those books that give you a great detail of knowledge about the food you cook apart from making the healthy food appealing ,appetizing and very effortless to prepare as a part of the everyday meal..And there are not many books that cater to these conditions.This is a gem!”

Home Style Dal & Review at Spices N Aroma
Vijitha enumerates what she liked in the book as follows:
1. The recipes are simple day-to-day dishes. Most of us cook those dishes but after reading the book, we can decide how much quantity each one in the family can eat depending on their body type and also depending on the main ingredients.
2. There is a small column in each page which carries interesting facts about nutritional value/ recipe/ingredients and gives an idea on how to cook and serve them.
3. Beside simple and elegant language, I loved the colors used in the book. When I hold the book, I feel that the bright orange and red colors translates positive energy towards me. The book looks so vibrant and creates a mood to cook.
She sums up by saying, ” On the whole , this book teaches home cooks about healthy eating and healthy living”.

Indian Cooking Challenge – Gujarati Dal
The Gujarati Dal from Sukham Ayu was the celeb recipe for a month as Srivalli chose it for the Indian Cooking Challenge contest at her blog. Congratulations to PJ of Seduce Your Tastebuds who is the WINNER of the lucky dip contest of this event. She is the recipient of an autographed copy of Sukham Ayu. Click on the link to see the round up of the contest and links to other bloggers who tried the Gujarati dal from our Ayurvedic cookbook Sukham Ayu.”

Review at Chitra Amma’s Kitchen
Chitra Amma says, “I could not put down the book until I finished reading it cover to cover. It was more like reading Upanishad and a self improvement guide rolled into one, studded with delicious recipes prepared, based on Ayurvedic principles. Armed with their jigyasa ( thirst for knowledge ) and pratibha ( talent ) the authors have deeply delved into the ocean of Ayurveda and brought out this precious pearl of wisdom for the benifit of every individual who is striving to live a healthy and long life. sukham ayu can be considered as an Ayurveda samputam, since it illuminates the reader with a brief but rich knowledge of the ancient native Science.”

Review at Mahanandi
The talented Blogger Indira writes, “The knowledge I have gained from Sukham Ayu is: 1. Basic terminology in ayurveda 2. Different body types and how to determine a body type 3. Details about many food ingredients in ayurveda perspective 4. Plan for meals based on a body type 5. Over sixty good vegetarian recipes 6. A detailed meal planner 7. A food guide based on body constitution.”

Tangy Bittergourd at Daily Musings
“Browsing through Sukham Ayu, a gift from dear Linda, the tangy bitter gourd was too tempting to wait till summer,” says this popular blogger.

Soopa at The Cooks Cottage
“Nevertheless I am thrilled with a new cookbook felicitously called Sukham Ayu which means Happy longevity”, writes Blogger Jyotsna.

Review at Tongue Ticklers
Blogger Harini visits Kare, the Ayurvedic centre where Sukham Ayu was researched & captures her experience of the place & people in this post. She says, “…it is possible to view food as a means of healing your body and mind rather than just a ritual that should satiate hunger and offer taste. I discovered this through ‘Sukham Ayu”.

Review at Out of the Garden
“With Sukham Ayu, dear Jigyasa and Pratibha have lifted the veil of mystery from Ayurveda,” says Blogger Linda. She adds, “With their trademark ease, they have showcased the beauty and simplicity of age-old principles; making Ayurveda accessible to anyone with an open mind so that we may all reap the benefits of this ancient art. ”

Review at Simple Indian Food
Blogger EC of Simply Indian Food says “It is a perfect book for a layman to incorporate Ayurveda in the day to day food. There are more than 60 vegetarian recipes classified in different categories that are simple to make and nutritious at the same time. So the reader can look forward to Nutritious, tasty and simple recipes in the book”.

Mint Rice at Travel Donkey
“The ‘why you cook’ question is trickier. Apart from tasting good, the food I cook should retain much of its nourishing qualities. And for this one needs to understand what effect each ingredient has on the body,” says feature writer Krishna on his blog.

Dates Kheer at Mahanandi
Blogger Singari Indira writes on Mahanandi: “We made Dates Kheer last weekend following a recipe from Sukham Ayu cookbook. The recipe required few ingredients, was very simple to prepare, and tasted divine.”

Chila, Salad & Juice at Tongue Ticklers
Blogger Harini writes about Sukham Ayu on her blog as she tries some recipes from Sukham Ayu. “It is a coffee table book that engages the casual reader as well as the health conscious information seeker. The book explains the ‘art of eating’ and absorbs you completely with its insights on Ayurveda.”

Capsicum Veggie & Roti at Linda’s Blog
Linda features Quick Capsicum with Roti at her blog ‘Out of the Garden’ while lauding the ease with which most of the recipes of Sukham Ayu can be made:

Ginger Lemon Soopa at Mahanandi
Blogger Singari Indira speaks about Soopa’s terminology, “…It is greatly refreshing and empowering to know about soopa. I think this Sanskrit word alone is worth the book price. Original research equals to precious gold, don’t you agree? Welcome back Soopa. Goodbye Soup.”

Kiruba Shankar – Launch of Sukham Ayu
Blogger Kiruba Shankar appreciates Jigyasa and Pratibha’s efforts in bringing out Sukham Ayu. “The book is a wonderful collection of recipes consisting of simple, vegetarian dishes with the goodness of Ayurvedic insights.”

Bittergourd Stir fry at Peppermill
“Indosungod of Daily Musings (love her posts which sit up and make you think!) posted this recipe from Sukham Ayu – the second cookbook by the wonderful duo who gave us Cooking with Pedatha. I knew I had to try it out the moment I saw it, and I wasn’t wrong,” says Blogger Miri

Dates Kheer at Travel Donkey
Krishna of the blog Travel Donkey says, “I love sweets that arent too sweet…So a kheer that involves adding no sugar immediately caught my attention. The recipe, of course, is from Pratibha Jain and Jigyasa Giri’s book, Sukham Ayu.”

About “Cooking with Pedatha”

Banana Stem Dal at Priya Easy ‘n’ Tasty Recipes
Blogger Priya says “I cooked this healthy,comforting and delicious pappu from this book.This tasty dal goes for a simple preparation and tastes simply awesome when served along with rice and spicy potato fries. Usually i make a simple stir fry or a simple kootu with this healthy banana stem, if you want to give a change to your usual dishes with banana stem,do try this super comforting,fingerlicking pappu.”

Cucumber Sweet and Sour Chutney at A Cook @ heart
Blogger Manasi says “I had a deep rooted dislike for… cucumbers … until Pedatha stepped in to rectify it! This book is a treasure…and this chutney is a keeper. The flavors mingle so well to create a tangy tango in your mouth… you will love it! Trust me.”

Charu (Rasam) at Spice and Aroma
Blogger Vijitha Shyam says “What I love about the book is neat, concise explanations with handy tips sprinkled along the way…pictures of ingredients…also a glimpse of how the end product will look. The dishes are well classified under various sections like chutneys, rice, powders etc. It makes it easy for me to pick one dish from each section to plan a complete meal.”

Radish Pasty Vegetable at Veggie Monologues
Veggie Monologues features an adaptation of Brinjal Pasty Vegetable, “Cooking at home with Pedatha…has gorgeous pictures and recipes that produce consistently good results. We always turn to this book if we want a slight variation from our regular Tamilian cooking.”

Recipes Tweaked at Nisha’s Kitchen
Blogger Nisha innovates with recipes from “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”: Kovakka Curry ~ Methi and Toor Dal She says, “Wonderful recipes…I cannot write enough about this book…just loved every recipe I have tried…”

Authentic Recipes at Nisha’s Kitchen
Blogger Nisha features many dishes from our vegetarian cookbook of Pedatha’s recipes: CarrotPachadi ~ RavaLaddu ~ MangoThokku
She says, “Every time I try a new recipe…I fall in love with this cookbook all over again.”

Greens in Yogurt at Flavours and Tastes
Blogger Lata says, “The book is just a glimpse into a genius’ world of cooking. Pedatha’s knowledge and expertise are incomparable. She takes you through the recipe in small steps as though she were present around you while you are trying the dish, just as your grandmom or an elderly aunt would help.”

Plantain & Mustard at The Chef and Her Kitchen
Blogger Pratibha says, “…this recipe is very interesting because of the blend of ingredients used in the curry.”

Greens in Yogurt at A Cook @ Heart
Blogger Mansi says, “And after your soul is satisfied with the good deed, come back to try this tummy satisfying offering I have for you today.”

Sweet Rasam at Indulge-ashcorner
Blogger Ash writes, “This surely relived my cold and cough and got me my voice back…Even my kids gave this a big thumbs up.”

Theeyati Pulusu at A Cook @ Heart
Blogger Mansi writes, “This recipe, like any, from Pedatha’s cook book is awesome! The taste, as my friend, said is totally authentic and will have you licking your fingers and fill you with comfort. Try it, you will love it.”

Onion Chutney at A Cook @ Heart
Blogger Mansi writes, “As I read the recipe, I realized this was different, at least from the ones I had read. There seemed to a harmonious blend of spices which would mellow the strong tones of the onion. Nor had I erred. try this recipe to see what I mean. It goes very well with idli, dosa and plain rice.”

Sambar at Indulge-ashscorner
Blogger Ash says, “Cooking with Pedatha is like cooking with your aunt or an experienced chef who will not only teach you basic traditional simple cooking, but what cooking and serving food is all about…I feel like…(she) is watching over me, talking to me, guiding me and helping me understanding the nuances of Andhra cooking, helping me with the never heard of pronunciations and names of ingredients.”

Rava Laddu at A cook @ heart
Blogger Pallavi writes, “The description, the page of contents and then the recipes…I was transported to my Grandmother’s home…I felt like I was in Pedatha’s kitchen and she was instructing me, like a loving Grandma, who knows everything”.

Andhra Chutney Powder at The Yum Factor
Pedatha’s Spicy & crunchy ‘Podi Chutney’ posted by Blogger Arch who says, “Cooking at home with Pedatha has become the standard reference book specially for chutneys…Thank you Jigyasa and Pratibha for this wonderful book. May her soul rest in peace…”

Onion Chutney with Pierogi at Panfusine
Blogger Niv Mani uses Onion Chutney from our book ‘Cooking at home with Pedatha’ in her Pierogi potstickers and says: “She was inspired by her 5 year old’s casual remark and adds that how taste variations may be created simply by altering the sequence of adding seasoning!

Beaten Rice Crispies at My Experiments with Food
Blogger Jayshree tries Aval Vadam from our book ‘Cooking at home with Pedatha’ and says: “Beautifully written…the recipes are listed out with very clear and easy-to-follow instructions. Almost all the ingredients that the different recipes require are easily available in South Indian homes.”

Review at Panfusine
Blogger Niv Mani reviews Cooking at home with Pedatha and says, “The book hints at a story, a story of food, warmth, joy & comfort that Pedatha brought to people who came into contact with her, and the culinary legacy she leaves behind, not only for her near & dear ones, but to everyone who uses this book”.

Review and Dhosakaya Chutney at Lite Bite
Blogger Sanjeeta says that her mother-in-law was excited to see some of the rare and authentic recipes… “While flipping through the pages I felt my grandma is with me giving instructions for exact measurements and some special tips to make my cooking an unforgettable experience.”

Review at Tigers and Strawberries
Blogger Barbara writes in her unique style – “…absolutely gorgeous, award-winning book…the exploration of the soul of a cuisine through the memories and orally-transmitted recipes of one amazing woman.”

Raw Plantain Vegetable at Neivedyam
A Mustard flavoured vegetable made the traditional Andhra way being featured by Blogger Sharmi.

Sweet Rasam at Jugalbandi
Pedatha’s Chaaru being featured with a stunning photograph by Bee. “A blend of heat, tartness and a background sweet note result in a memorable combination.”

Okra fry at Salt and Pepper
Blogger Gini talks about slow cooking, “I had forgotten to do that slow stirring for sometime now but this cookbook has reminded me to slow down, and enjoy my cooking.”

Greens at Tasty Palettes
Blogger Suganya writes, “In addition to recipes, what I look for in a cookbook are ideas and methods that I could adapt to my own liking. This book has it aplenty.”

A homage to Pedatha by Barbara
“For as long as one copy of this book exists and there is a human being to touch it, hold it, open it, read it, and I hope, cook from it, the spirit of Pedatha will live on. So long as we can taste the flavors of Pedatha’s dishes, her spirit will be with us, a part of us.”

Review on Kiruba’s blog
“Authentic andra food is something I can kill for. Add to that an interesting conversation of their experiences just made it even better,” says path breaking blogger Kiruba Shankar

Bisi Bele at The Yum Factor
Blogger Arch enjoys Bisi Bele on a rainy weekend, “I have been reading it up and admiring all those lovely pictures…The flavours were so good and reminded me of this place in Bangalore…Nammoora…this tasted almost as good…Thank you Miri, this book is a real treasure.”

Onion Chutney at Aahaar Vihaar
Onion chutney seems to be a hit with many of our readers as featured on this blog. “The book not only has recipes from the 86 year old culinary queen Pedatha.”

Spinach Chutney at Vindu
Blogger Mythili says, “The narration and recipe in the book jonesed me to try out Spinach (palakoora) chutney. Needless to say it came out awesome and I was surprised at the results.

Brinjal Vegetable at The Cooks Cottage
Blogger Jyotsna writes, “It was delectable. With mashed brinjal, black eyed beans and toasted urad dal, the textures were amazing. The beans had some bite and the dal was crunchy.”

Onion Chutney at The Singing Chef
Blogger Raaga says, “I wanted a good English book with simple everyday Andhra recipes and found this. I have made a few things from this book and am quite happy.”

Dosakaya Pachchadi at Tasty Palettes
“This chutney, from that book, is not only tasty but requires minimal cooking. The cool burst of melon and the tanginess from the tamarind pairs well with Jowar roti,” says Blogger Suganya.

Brinjal Roast at Indian Spice Trail
Blogger Sheela tries out Brinjal Roast from Cooking at home with Pedatha adding her own special touch to the recipe.

Vankaya Pachchadi at Cookery Corner
Blogger Laavanya says, “It’s a beautifully written book and the warmth & passion for cooking that Pedatha exuded is evident in every page.”

Curry leaves powder at Monsoon Spice
Blogger Sia says, “Today’s recipe features Curry Leaves in lead role and not just as a cameo… made from one of my favourite cookbooks…”

Rasam at My Spicy Kitchen 1, 2
Blogger Usha says, “When I started blogging couple of years ago, everyone in the food blogoshpere talked about Pedatha’s Cookbook…last week I made Pedatha’s Rasam Powder.”

Review at Steamy Kitchen
Jaden Hair, a professional recipe developer, food columnist, and food photographer writes about Cooking at home with Pedatha in her Blog.

Sweet Rasam at Out of Garden
Linda share the recipe of Sweet Rasam on her blog and writes, “People like Pedatha and the talented writers who bring her to the fore transcend time and space, border and place. I would like to believe that somewhere in our own lives, we all know a special person like Pedatha – eager to share the traditions they hold dear with a shining spirit that ignites our own sense of belonging and inspires the best in us.”

Review at Mahanandi
Blogger Indira reviewed our book and says, “It has an authentic voice which is compelling”. She also wanted to know who inspired and what motivated the authors, and how they survived the brutal publishing phase to bring the book into market and hence posed a few questions and published an interview with Jigyasa and Pratibha along with a recipe from the book- Raw Banana with a Twang of Mustard.”

Thotakoora Majjiga Pulusu at Not so Gourmet
Speaking of the recipe blogger writes, “Hubby dear devoured it and even stopped me from finishing it as he wanted to take it to lunch the next day. He absolutely loved it :)

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