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Shobha Tallapaka
May I add LOC does not normally do cookbooks? Then why did “Cooking with Pedatha” and “Sukham Ayu” get picked? In their own words, “The Library seeks to… sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations.” And in my humble opinion…”because Pedatha is watching over Pratibha and Jigyasa and the rest of the Pritya family!”(Via Facebook on Oct 10, 2010)

Prabha Mohan
Their second book Sukham Ayu makes you think about the food itself. Each ingredient has a purpose, and is carefully balanced to complement the other ingredients in a way that brings out the best in them. All the layers of flavor add up to more than the sum of their parts. The wisdom of what these ingredients do for us from an ayurvedic perspective makes a fascinating read. It’s a great introduction to ayurveda, but to me, the book was more about treating my taste buds and seeing how flavors are married together than learning about their nutritional benefits (although their’s undeniable value to this!). The recipes are contemporary, and ideal for when you have guests over. There are tons of soups, snacks, chutneys and veggie dishes, and some desserts.(Via Facebook on Jul 08, 2012)

Urja Krsnapriya Nasreen
“The print production, layout and visual design of the books are amazing as well. My compliments to the designer. Even the websites are lovely. Once again… more power to you both!” Urja Krsnapriya Nasreen (Email on March 15, 2012)

Dr. V. Mohan, World Renowned Diabetologist
Thank you very much for sending me the wonderful book “Sukham Ayu”. I have briefly gone through it and from what I have seen so far, it seems to be a truly fantastic book. At the outset let me congratulate you on not only producing this book but also for bagging such a prestigious award. On my personal behalf and on behalf of my institution and on behalf of India , we congratulate you for this stupendous achievement. I am sure this will be the first of many more laurels which you will bag. I look forward to reading it at greater length. (Email on Oct 9, 2010)

Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar
I find this is a very handy book as it deals with vegetarian recipes congenial to one and all…it contains details on sattvik food with appropriate presentation for each one to build up a healthy body with a sound mind…a useful book on good food for all to choose from. (Extract from his foreword for Sukham Ayu, October 1, 2008)

Padmashri Tarla Dalal – India’s best loved Cookery Author
This effort by the authors in bringing out a cookbook like “Sukham Ayu” containing the principles of Ayurveda…through simple and elegant language is commendable…with this book, people will be happily inspired to…discipline themselves for simple living and simple eating. (Email on November 22, 2009)

Prof G. Mishra, University of Madras
I congratulate both of you for your contribution to this direction showing how rich is the tradition of cooking in this land. After all food is basic need which sustains humans and their faculty of thinking. I hope you will contribute more in this direction and reach out to large number of readers who are interested to learn preparation of varieties of food. (Email on June 25, 2009)

Tim Biddulph- UK
The book “Sukham Ayu” arrived today. It is a beautiful book and I am quite excited already about learning more about Ayurveda and cooking some of the recipes! Thank you. (Email on May 2, 2009)

Kalpana Abhijith – Kerala
We tried quite a few dishes from Sukham Ayu…and are still exploring. My husband who enjoys cooking once in a while is all ga ga over it. and well I am happy about the health benefits too. I liked the text on ayurvedic cooking…it all feels well researched. Keep up the wonderful work. (Email on May 29, 2009)

Thank you so much for signing the copy of Sukham Ayu and I really appreciate your kind gesture. I went through first few recipes…I must congratulate on your detailed research on Ayurveda and bringing the best recipes for us to enjoy! I am planning on trying few recipes this weekend :) . …Once again, thank you so much! (Email on April 24, 2009)

Suganya – USA
I recommended Pedatha’s cookbook to my local library when it was published. I was grinning wide when I saw few copies on the shelf. I have recommended your new book “Sukham Ayu” too. But, due to recession there have been budget-cuts to local resources. I hope they shelve few copies, regardless.
Few weeks back, I was leafing through this book at a book store. Standing there, I wished there was such a book from India. Who else could showcase Ayurveda, than the sons and daughters of our Motherland. Lucky enough, I came to know about your new book, and was ecstatic. I can’t wait to lay my hands on it. (Email on April 14, 2009)

Nimmi Ittycheria John – Nutritionist and Diet Consultant, Chennai
Dear Jigyasa and Pratibha…to tell you what a wonderful job you have done vis a vis Sukham Ayu. Your cookbooks (this one in particular) have a warm human touch. This one seems to speak soothingly to the reader not just romanticising all that is Indian and healthy, but very successfully and effortlessly gifts our indigenous knowledge to posterity. Something we are at the dangerous brink of losing.
I can sense the positive energy that went into it from both of you…truly a fruit of loving commitment. I love the layouts too. Your layout artist/stylist has done a great job. I love your honesty when you say in ‘Another tryst with tradition’ – “we feel truly blessed that we have sat by the shores…even if just to be touched by its rippling waves.” I feel just that after spending 25 years trying to unravel the mysteries of food and its influences and effects on the body. The more I learn the less I know!
This is a book I would gift someone on their wedding day when one is young and frivolous but pliable too. It would be a gift to their generations to come, Thank you for such a delightful treat! And I’m privileged to know both of you…I remember Pratibha’s penchant for perfection and Jigyasa’s warmth and affection and ability to reach out to the people and I’m sure these and many of your other individual strenghs had made the book what it is. …and we look forward to another award! (Email on April 4, 2009)

Brig V.H.M Prasad (Retd.) – Hyderabad
Have now gone through the entire book with abounding interest albeit the recipes which I ran through somewhat cursorily not being really inclined to cooking myself. If I have to give you a one line comment I would say: “Sukham Ayu is an artful culmination of a gastronomical science which is what Ayurveda is also about.” The get up is so very very good and attractive, the print is par excellence, the pictures so clear and typical of what they show. On the content, am sure it is all authentic and well researched. I am not qualified to say anything more because for me it will be knowledge gained. (Email on March 14, 2009)

Sreeram Iyer – CEO, Scope International
Just a quick word to let you know your book “Sukham Ayu” is so well presented and written! Its classy and superb. Congratulations! (Message on March 1, 2009)

Sabina – Chennai
Just perused the book “Sukham Ayu” & had to tell you how blown away I am. Your passion and commitment are evident in all the details, big & small. Congratulations, God bless & thanks for sharing this knowledge! (Message on March 1, 2009)

Harini Prakash – Mumbai
I received your book ‘Sukham Ayu’ last evening. It is written very beautifully and I am really happy with all the information on body constitution and associated diet. Looking forward to cooking some wonderful dishes out of this book. The book has been designed very well and the pictures are lovely, especially the earthenware! I totally loved it! (Email on March 10, 2009)

Lakshmi Varahagiri
Jigyasa, you and your friend Pratibha did a wonderful job on the gift boxes for Mohana’s daughter’s wedding. It is amazing! Keep it up. Wish you both success. (Email on April 9, 2011)

Damyantiben Thakker, Mumbai
It was an auspicious day that I received both the hamper of wonderful books with Lord Ganesha on the day of Sankasti Chaturthi and Karvachauth. The Gift Hamper package was intact, thank you. The books are so warm giving the aroma of traditional south Indian healthy food…divine. God bless you. (Email on October 7, 2011)

About “Cooking with Pedatha”

Accolades by Amazon Book Lovers

Dilip Mythreyi – Readers Praise on Flipkart
I’m a hardcore non-vegetarian but the recipes in the book had won my heart and made me in love with vegetarian food too. I had tried almost every recipe in this book and they came out excellent. If your looking for authentic Andhra recipes please go for this book. This is one of the keepsake cookbook.

Madhu Maddipatla – Bangalore
We are from A.P…I was born and brought up in Delhi..any trip to Hyderabad would mean relishing the typical andhra dishes made by my aunts…and I would always wonder, wish I can cook like them even a bit. It felt as if the (Pedatha) book has been written by own aunt…there is so much of personal touch in the book. Felt great reading the efforts of you both in making your Atta, Pedda Atta of everyone. There are countless cookery books, but none that touch ones heart as this book does. For me its a book written by my Pedda Atta for me. (Via Facebook on Sep 26, 2010)

Sanjeev Kapoor – Author & Chef extraordinaire, Mumbai
“Cooking at home with Pedatha” is a book that gives the wonderful whiff of everyday cooking in a traditional Telugu household. It is indeed a brave effort by Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain because I know it is not easy to keep things simple which they have done effortlessly. And it is this very subtlety that makes the book special. It brilliantly combines the flavours and textures of local ingredients to stimulate the senses and satiate the palate.

Amitabh Bachchan – Actor
My dear Mr. Parigi, Hearty Congratulations! We are delighted and rejoice at the news that your mother, Mrs. Subhadra Krishna Rau Parigi’s book has won the award for “Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the world”… We feel certain this cookbook will be a must for almost every Indian both in India and abroad, as well as “vegetarians” all over the globe…”India” as a nation, must be proud of this unique accomplishment. (Letter dated June 19, 2007)

Chef Willi – Director of Food and Services
Welcome back and my heartiest congratulations to the both of you on winning the Best in the World for your Cooking at Home with Pedatha book. Excellent, and we are all very proud of your achievement! Such a prestigious prize and very well deserved without doubt. I am glad that we had the opportunity to sample these items ourselves with the promotion held in 601 last year so we also feel a sense of attachment to the book and its accolades. With my very best to the both of you. (Letter dated Nov 4, 2007)

Associate Editor, The Hindu, Chennai
Rarely has traditional cooking been as demystified and presented in such a clear-cut and unpretentious manner. Cooking at home with Pedatha is an intriguing amalgam of commonsense, practicality and wisdom. It is much more than a book of vegetarian recipes from a traditional Andhra kitchen. It is also a repository of one woman’s secrets. It is Pedatha’s special little touches…the addition of a dash here or the suggestion of an alternative there…that lend this book its endearing character. If this is tradition, then this is tradition with an irresistible twist.

Rashmi Uday Singh – Author and acclaimed food critic, Mumbai
An invaluable “must-buy” which caters to the experienced and the beginner; to the gourmet and the novice. It preserves for posterity the lovable eighty-four year young “Pedatha’s” wisdom, practical guidelines and superb traditional recipes. Jigyasa Giri and Pratibha Jain have produced an unbeatable combination of meticulous detail and comprehensiveness, infused with love and gusto. Every bit of it is tried, tested and tasted. A “must-enjoy” treat!

Prahlad Kakar – Man of many hats, Mumbai
What a remarkable book of traditional recipes! Simple, practical, easy to execute, with a variety and range which will make the purists remember the taste of their grandmother’s food. The section on chutneys is exceptional, and my favourite, because it is rare to get such a range of flavours and textures in such a deceptively simple manner. This book is all about sharing the common wealth of a clan and creating a very powerful tribe of believers. A must for all foodies.

Padmashri Tarla Dalal – India’s best loved cookery author
A very well researched and aesthetically presented book.The recipes are easy and self-explanatory. A must buy for all food lovers. (Email on June 22, 2006)

Kalpana Abhijith – Kerala
…I liked “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”…so much so that I am ordering the second book without even seeing it. Trusting that the labour of love that goes into these books will turn everything from Pritya into something that I would want to own. Expecting to see Sukham Ayu soon… (Email on April 30, 2009)

Suganya – USA
Your book is such a treasure for those novice cooks who wants learn more about authentic Andhra cuisine. More than me, my husband, who claims to be an half-andhraite because of his love of Andhra cuisine, is happy as I am trying recipes from your book, one by one. It feels like having an experienced elder member of the family by your side when you are trying out these new recipes. (E-mail on June 5, 2007)

SRA – Chennai
…It’s for similar reasons that I like Cooking At Home with Pedatha. This is the only book I’ve noticed that tells us exactly how to temper a dish – what goes in first, the mustard seed or the urad dal, and it’s fail-proof…

Brig V.H.M Prasad (retd.) – Hyderabad
“Cooking at home with Pedatha” is on par with the cuisine it speaks of. Outstanding Content; excellent presentation and general Look & Feel. The pachchadis, podis & kooras are my personal favourites. Hats off to the authors – from ideation, compilation, to the touching epilogue, this book is a tribute par excellence. (Email on Feb 4, 2006)

I simply loved the way the recipes have been given. The best part is it has even described how the chillies have to be used. “Cooking at home with Pedatha” is the most engrossing recipe book I have ever seen and used. (Email on June 23, 2008)

Sailaja Gudivada – Visakhapatnam
…I am a proud owner of your wonderful book “Cooking at Home with Pedatha”. I bought it the day it arrived at my regular bookstore in Vizag. How can I miss it? I had read so many reviews online and print media that I just had to grab my copy.
Since I am lover of pachadis and podis, one thing I loved about the beautiful and lively Pedatha’s book is, it carried a wide range of authentic pachadis and podis. Beautiful food photography, recipes are well presented, precise and in simple terminology. I loved the tips Pedatha gives alongside each recipe. Thank you for bringing to the world our delectable Andhra cuisine and who best than a seasoned and experienced Pedatha to share the traditional family recipes. Appreciate your efforts in writing and publishing the book which has been bringing you accolades the world over. Congratulations! (Email on November 29, 2007)

CH J R K Mallikharjuna Rao – IT Manager, Nghe An Tate & Lyle Sugar Co Ltd., Vietnam
We are from West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India and staying in Vietnam for last 10 years. I read about “Cooking at home with Pedatha” and ordered through web. I feel my mother and wife are best cooks but after reading and cooking several items from book, we find the tastes are very enjoyable. The measurements and method of preparation are given 100% accurate and very easy to understand…I am visiting India this month-end and I ordered 4 books today to my sister’s address in Hyderabad, to give a gift to my sisters and brothers. My wife and myself have really enjoyed the food and appreciate the efforts taken for bringing this book. I highly recommend this book for my friends. (Email on August 13, 2007)

Neil Cumming – Former Principal, Hallé Orchestra, England & Director, Anglo–Sri Lankan Engineering Co., Srilanka
You have produced a seminal work with “Cooking at home with Pedatha” which will inspire future cooks. The photographs are most beautiful, and the presentation likewise. The recipes are, of course, superb and highly motivational! We had business guests from England staying here when the book arrived and as they love vegetarian cooking we made our first slightly nervous incursions into Pedatha’s world. It was of course, a great success and the ‘gospel’ will very shortly be carried to their friends in the UK. Once more, thank – you, and if you produce at any time another volume, please let me know! (Email on April 13, 2007)

Deepthi Konduri – Andhra Pradesh
I am a great fan of your book ‘Cooking at home with Pedatha’. My mother tongue is Telugu. I am a native of Guntur. Yesterday I made “Theeyeti Pulusu” from your book. It turned out very well. Thanks a lot for publishing this kind of book where people will come to know about the cuisine of South India. In our family we consider our Ammamma (maternal grand mother) as the world’s best cook. Few sentences in this book are similar to the sentences that we use in our family – like when we all meet our major topic is Ammamma’s cooking!
Great job and great effort. Congratulations Jigyasa and Pratibha, for winning the award. You deserve this. I Love You and Admire you Pedatha – Subhadra Garu. (Email on August 1, 2007)

Premi Ramamkrishna Shenoy
Dear Pedatha, I enjoyed your chutneys which were delightfully lip smacking. Being a Konkani, we generously use coconuts in all our chutneys – hence the shelf life is very short. My extended family also enjoyed them thoroughly,
Its heartening that Jigyasa and Prathiba have so painstakingly compiled the book so, lovingly given to me by Mr P.V. Giri which I am sure will be lapped up by the younger generation who have lost touch with our traditional cooking. Thank you and seek your blessings. (Email on June 21, 2007)

Gita And Badri Ram – New Delhi
This book is one of the best we’ve seen on the subject. (Email on June 3, 2007)

Smruti Shah – USA
Loved this book! I am not too familiar with cooking Andhra food, but the clear instructions, lovely pictures,and nuggets of love and wisdom scattered throughout has made this book one of my favorite go-to cookbooks. I took one of the pappu recipes to a group cooking class in Berkeley, CA and it was a hit! (Email on May 26, 2007)

Deepika Saripalli – Food Blogger, USA
I have heard a lot about “Cooking at home with Pedatha” in food blogs. I ordered a copy and it dawned onto me that all this cooking was done by mom, aunts and grandmother…but somewhere down the lane, the busy schedules of our lives and getting married into another household changes the style of cooking and lessens ones enthusiasm to cook your own way. Whenever I open the book, it reminds me of my Ammakkaya who used to give me advice on how to cook to please my husband. I feel that she is sitting right in the kitchen and tell me how to go about a recipe. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful book! (Email on March 27, 2007)

P. S. Surana – Attorney, Chennai
Heartiest Congratulations to you on achieving the Gourmand World Award 2006 for the book called “Cooking At Home with Pedatha”. As a debutant co-author you have made an unparalleled instance among women fraternity. It was a great pleasure to read about your tremendous success in the Economic Times dated 21st December 2006…
I would like to make a small request to you. It would be really useful for vegetarians who go for long foreign travels, particularly for Jains who do not eat roots, if you can bring out a book containing practical tips to enable them to cook something easily in their hotel room & comfortably remain vegetarians. I wish you success in all future endeavors. And wishing you all the best for the forthcoming global competition, which will be held in Beijing in April 2007. (Letter on Feb 23, 2007)

Jasmine – USA
I had heard a lot about “Cooking at home with Pedatha” through one of my favourite food blogs Mahanandi. Got my copy yesterday and I have already tried 3 recipes today. The beauty of the recipes lies in their simplicity. Most of the ingredients are easily available in every Indian kitchen. Photos are beautiful. I congratulate you for your lovely book. Looking forward to many more books covering other regions of India in the near future. (E-mail on Feb 2, 2007)

Veena Mahesh – USA
As a cooking enthusiast on the look out for recipes, I was delighted to receive “Cooking at home with Pedatha” as a gift when I traveled to India in Nov 2006. While the aesthetics of the book and the presentation were immensely appealing to me, the simplicity and ease of the recipes were even more alluring. My first attempt at making “Menthi Koora” was a huge success and brought back long-lost memories of flavors from growing up in Andhra. Thank you for compiling these recipes that constitute comfort food for many of us. (E-mail on Jan 9, 2007)

Suneeta Vaswani – Cookbook Author, USA
My husband was in India for a week and brought back “Cooking at home with Pedatha”. What a great job you’ve done on the book! It’s beautifully designed and the glorious pictures really bring the cuisine to life. But the most memorable photos are of Pedatha herself. They capture her persona beautifully. The visual glossary at the end is a great idea. I congratulate you all on a wonderful book. (Email on Oct 26, 2006, USA)

Prabha Mohan – Blogger, USA
“Cooking At Home With Pedatha”…My favorite cookbook by far. It has all the recipes of south indian food that we eat everyday – from rasams and sambars, to podis and pachadis, just the way we cook at home, without overdoing the spices or using complicated techniques. It’s just the book to have no matter how long you have been cooking. Like me, Pedatha is also not very fond of sweets, but the book has some good recipes of payasams that I have both tried and enjoyed.

Bhicoo Manekshaw – Cordon Bleu (London) & India’s pioneer cookbook author
Jigyasa and Pratibha darlings, May 26th, 2006 (Book launch at Delhi) was a memorable day for me as I have never in my life received such graciousness and warmth. It was an honour and joy being with you both and to meet the one and only Pedatha – she is just wonderful! She gave me a bouquet of flowers!! I was overwhelmed!! I took a carnation from the bouquet and pressed it…in that wonderful book of yours. When are you coming to Delhi – please contact me so that we can have lunch together at my restaurant Basil & Thyme where I cook.
Love always (Letter written on June 8, 2006 with a note: Forgive the handwriting…but I will not use a computer.)

Padmini Mani – Managing Trustee, My School Satya Surabhi, Kodaikanal
“Cooking at home with Pedatha” takes me back to my childhood. Once again I relive exciting moments of anticipation of good tasty home food. The book is well laid out with accurate ease to follow recipes. The illustrations, the colour scheme and the art work are indeed commendable. All in all a good representation of the timeless heritage of India.

Radha Gopalakrishnan – Chairperson, Book Activity, IWA
…I hope you are as happy as I am about last Wednesday’s meeting in the Madras Club. It was far beyond my wildest expectations. Choosing a book for others is such a subjective exercise and is never easy. I was especially apprehensive about this one. The book is wonderful and the waiting list in the MC library is l – o – n – g !!!! In fact, at our next meeting I am going to suggest we buy another copy. But I was not sure how a “discussion” would work. How delightfully it turned out……… I have had many calls from members expressing their appreciation. Involving the audience was brilliant and the rapport you share with each other was heart-warming…
…Dare we hope for another book one day? Pratibha, don’t you have a “Pedatha” somewhere in your family? You made my final meeting of the year a memorable one for which I thank you dearly. (Letter on May 9, 2006)

Kuberr & Uma Chordia
The food from this book is spicy, tasty and unique. My mother has been receiving compliments from all of us since she has been making the “Pedatha” food. I love the Carrot chutney. My dad loves the raw mango rice. (Email on April 2, 2006)

Tara Jain
I enjoyed making the Broad beans vegetable (peddha chikkudikaya koora). My family loves the Sweet Rasam (Theeyati rasam). I Find the dishes easy to make because of clear instructions. But I must confess that my Sambar Podi did not turn out as well the first time, because I did not do it as patiently as required. However, patience pays and my Podis are now a great success. Thank You Pedatha. (Email on March 13, 2006)

Kamala Wilhelm
This is not just a mere cook book but an age-old traditional recipies wrapped up in an exquisite design by Jigyasa and Pratibha. Sincere appreciation to very dear Pedatha for her loving and caring guidance in daily cooking to the reader to enhance the quality of food. I have just presented this cookbook to a would be Hyderabad bride. (Email on March 3, 2006)

Sandhya Jain
An excellent book with good photography. And mouth watering food. (Email on Feb 20, 2006)

T G Rajagopalan
My wife & I were at The Park, Chennai for the Andhra Festivel. I bought the book. Last week I tried the following 1.Kondhi Podi, 2.Vangi Bath, 3.Dadhyodanam, 4.Menthi Koora, 5.Pindimiriyam, 6.Tamata Pappu, 7.Gongoora Pachadi. It took me about 5 hours of cooking time. The recipes are well described except for few omissions. I had trouble finding the ingredients for the Vangi Bath powder. I finally found them in Dhabba Chetty Kadai in Mylapore. Some steps in the above recipes are a bit vague.The quantities used like ‘handful, Sprig, etc. A better description or a photo would be useful.The Visual Glossary section should include all ingredients however trivial they may be. For example, Mustard seeds, is it Black Mustard or is it ‘Rai’. My family gave me an overall rating of 6 out of 10 for Taste.
I enjoyed making the items and the book was a great help. (Email on Feb 16, 2006)

Vani Vangala – Hyderabad
Phenomenal Content; Superb presentation; Heartwarming! (Email on Feb 6, 2006)

B Nagalakshmi
Congratulations on a well-produced book! I have just-tried allam pachadi and it was great! I could not find Pesaratu and the famed Andhra Avakka etc. Is there scope for vol II? (Email on Feb 6, 2006)

Sreelatha Nair – Beautician, Grace and Glamour
Such mouth-watering Pedatha’s food brings tears in the eye whether it is nostalgia or the spice. It is not just a cookery book, it is a gift for every woman. Congratulations to Jigyasa and Pratibha for this invaluable book. (Email on Jan 27, 2006)

Shivani Arora, Freelance Journalist, Chennai
Good work! great photography…of course very sweet Pedatha (Email on Jan 6, 2006, Chennai)

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