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Spice up with Garam Masala

February 1, 2012

Quick Garam Masala Recipe Garam Masala – the very name conjours hot and spicy Indian flavours. A spice mixture used extensively in North Indian food, it is available in various brands in all grocery stores. Many still prepare this at home and in smaller quantities. Again, each home and each state has its own proportion [...]

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Pancakes with Moong Dal Khichadi

December 1, 2011

Magic with LeftOvers We all grew up seeing our grandmas never waste any LeftOvers. Inspired by the same, enjoy this preparation with LeftOver KHICHADI (made from moong dal & rice) and make delicious pancakes in a jiffy. Ingredients: 1 cup khichadi 1 heaped tbsp sooji 1 tbsp curd finely chopped green chilli chopped ginger coriander [...]

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♥ Round up of ‘Tip for Teens’ Contest ♥

February 15, 2011

Happy to see the overwhelming responses to our Feb 2011 facebook contest: A tip to tempt teenagers to experiment in the kitchen’. Wit, humour, experience, sensitivity – we can see a sprinkling of all. We asked our friend SRA to take care of the tough task of choosing the winners! So here is what SRA [...]

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Ayurvedic tips from Sukham Ayu in Malli magazine

December 10, 2010

Ayurveda helps enhance strengths and correct weaknesses through proper diet and lifestyle. Malli features Ayurvedic tips from our health cookbook SUKHAM AYU.   HERE IS A TRANSCRIPT OF THE ARTICLE: We are born from a combination of the five elements that pervade the universe – earth, water, fire, air and ether. The elements predominate in [...]

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Ayurvedic Tips featured in Malligai Magal

April 20, 2009

Malligai Magal, Tamil magazine featured 25 Ayurvedic tips from our Ayurvedic cookbook, “Sukham Ayu” after translating it into Tamil. The article was titled, “Ayurveda Unavu 25 Kurippugal”. Here is a transcript of the article: நோய் நொடியில்லாத ஆரோக்கியமான உடல் நலனுக்கு, முறையான உணவுப் பழக்கமும் காலத்துக்கேற்ற வாழ்க்கை முறையும் தான் அடிப்படைத் தேவையாக உள்ளது. அதற்காக நீண்ட சாப்பாட்டு வகை பட்டியல் தயாரித்து, [...]

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Pedatha answers 10 questions on Andhra food for Outlook

February 13, 2006

The Outlook Magazine interviewed 83-year-old Pedatha (Mrs. Subhadra Krishna Rao Parigi) after she became the protagonist of the Andhra vegetarian cookbook which won several international awards. Anand asks her some questions which she answers in her usual friendly cheerful style, “I learnt my basic cooking in 1930s and 40s from my mother and great grandmother…Guthi [...]

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Recipes Garnished with Love & Cooking Tips – The Hindu

January 21, 2006

“Recipes garnished with love,” says The Hindu in an article about the recent cookbook “Cooking at Home with Pedatha” by Jigyasa & Pratibha. She cooks with flair and serves with lots of love. That’s what makes Pedatha special, says Shonali Muthalaly. She does a fabulous review of the book mentioning the book launch at Hotel [...]

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